New Media

Why stay tied down?The way we interact with both consumer products and business technology are changing dramatically as our day to day use of new media starts to bridge traditional products and technologies. Now is the time to drop your ties to old methodologies and embrace this new world.

Web Centric

Does your current web strategy allow for delivery of modern media formats, and can you support mobile and portable devices as well as traditional PC based web browsers?


We are at an ideal time to embrace new models for content delivery. The infrastructure is now in place to move away from our traditional broadcast model.

Why OpenMedia?

Our team has worked on media related projects with numerous major international companies, starting in a pre web market right up to our current Web 2.0 environment, including

  • Apple Computer
  • BBC
  • Associated Press
  • Reuters
  • Philips
  • Air New Zealand
  • Vodafone New Zealand