A busy week for the LCA 2015 team 

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I guess that it’s time that I caught up properly, and I promise to try to keep a more regular blog from now on!

It’s been an amazing week for all of us involved in LCA 2015. NetHui was held in Auckland this week with Girl Geek Dinners timed to coincide, then there was also NZGather on Saturday.

Most of the team made it to NetHui at some point or another, and they took great advantage of the time to talk up the conference. I went to GGD where I bumped into Jef Vratney who, it seems, knows absolutely everyone – especially the women. No wonder he and Steve get on – they’re both the same! Not only was Jef was able to make the introductions that I needed to bend arms about LCA, there were also women there who I already know and I was able to discuss the conference with them.

The presentations that night centered around the idea of being lucky enough to be doing the sort of work that you love. They reminded me that I am so very lucky in many ways. I have always held the view that the day you don’t want to go to work is the day that you find another job. I am doing something that I love and that terrifies me, but I am confident that this is something that I can achieve – I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Maybe there will be a path to a real, paid job here somewhere as well.

NZGather is an event that I have been sending Steve off to for years. I even remember one time driving him there, taking Chevelle shopping for the day, then collecting him afterwards. This year I was determined to go along, and with some magic performed by the wonderful organisers I did. I am now a total convert and I expect that I will become a regular at the event from now on. As an ‘un conference’ it actually has a very similar vibe to a real conference, and it certainly isn’t small. I can’t say what the numbers were, but the place was busy!

There were some great presentations, very relaxed styles, and I have to say that I’d happily have any of the presenters at LCA if it were up to me. I certainly told them so whenever I could, so I hope to see some of those names repeated in our final program. When these people asked what I expected of them for LCA the answer was ‘what you have just done’.

Speaking of which, our Call For Papers closes tonight, and yesterday marked 6 months to the day the conference begins. Sometimes it feels as if we aren’t achieving much at all, but then we reach our milestones: website going live, CFP going out, the stuff that I know is happening in the background that will bloom at just the right time – these are what give me my ‘feelgood’ factor.

Only 6 months to go…

linux.conf.au 2015 will be held in Auckland, but how did we get here? 

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Friday, 17th January 2014. 

Let’s go back to Canberra, LCA2013. At some point, Arjen Lentz shoulder-tapped me and asked when we were going to bid to host OSDC in Auckland? I thought for a moment and decided – what the hell! Steve and I had discussed the possibility of hosting OSDC and using the experience as a ‘training ground’ for a linux.conf.au bid in the past – it seemed that now is the time.

Conversations were held and a general plan was formed. An informal meeting for those considering bidding to host LCA was happening that afternoon, so I went along to listen to the voices of experience. That didn’t deter me one bit, and when we got home from Canberra the bid processes for LCA 2015 in Auckland began.

You’ll be aware by now that we were successful in our bid to host OSDC 2013 in Auckland, and we had a great 3-day event at The Langham (highly recommended!).

In the meantime, a bid for LCA 2015 in Auckland was constructed with the assistance of the Auckland Conference Bureau. The two Joshes came to Auckland for a site visit in July and we felt confident in our bid. I did ask, however, that they wouldn’t tell us the outcome one way or another until after OSDC so that I could concentrate in the conference and not let the cat out of the bag!

When I discovered that they had postponed the vote until during OSDC I was touched. I felt that if Linux Australia could show us that much respect at this level of involvement then I most certainly wanted to host a conference for them!

On the evening that OSDC finished Steve and I were informed that we had won the bid to host LCA 2015! Thrilled doesn’t come close to how I felt – a little terrified as well.

Tentative emails went out, and meetings were arranged, all with the understanding that we were now in the Fight Club, and the first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club. We have the beginnings of a great team – OSDC was very useful for figuring out how we work together. We have the venues, a structure for the conference and events planned already. We even had the promotional material that you received at the closing of LCA Perth.

So now it’s Auckland’s turn. I have a great team, immense excitement in Auckland from local companies already, and we will be working together to put on a great conference in Auckland for you.

12-16 January 2015 – see you here! – Cherie Ellis

linux.conf.au is coming to Auckland in 2015 

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We have the pleasure to announce that linux.conf.au will be know as linux.conf.Auckland for 2015. OpenMedia thanks Linux Australia for their confidence in the Auckland team.

For more details see http://LCAuckland.org.nz and we look forward to seeing you all in Auckland NZ in January 2015.

LCA 2015 Auckland bid meeting 

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As well as OSDC 2013 OpenMedia are part of a team bidding to host Linux.conf.au 2015 in Auckland NZ.

We are calling a meeting for anyone who is interested in being involved this the LCA Auckland 2015 bid. It will be held in the cafe area of the Owen G Glen building of Auckland University on Saturday 15th June from 1pm. The cafe will be open until 1:30 for those who want a coffee or lunch.

This session is open to anyone who’d like to get involved in bringing one of the most important Linux and Open Source events in the world to the City of Sails.

The car park has a flat rate of $6/day for Saturday, motorbikes are free, and plenty of buses go past the University.

OpenMedia pleased to be involved in OSDC 2013 Auckland 

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Both Cherie and Steve from OpenMedia are very please to be part of the team running the Open Source Developers Conference 2013. This year the event will be taking place at the Langham Hotel in Auckland from the 21st – 23rd October. The Call for Papers is already out and Early Bird ticket pricing is also available. For more information see http://osdc.org.nz.

OSDC was one of the first international conferences that the OpenMedia team had the privileged of speaking at back in 2007, and we are very happy to be part of the team bring this event to Auckland for the very first time.

Production of myPVR discontinued 

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As of 2012 we have decided to discontinue both production and ongoing development of myPVR. This has been a very hard decision to make given the time and resources we’ve invested in myPVR over the last 6 years, and we’d like to thank all of our customers for their support over this time. We’d also like to thank members of the MythTV community, both locally and internationally, as without their assistance we’d never have produced such a capable product.

A large amount of the IP associated with myPVR has already been incorporated into the upstream MythTV project or in the MythBuntu distribution. We are looking at a way to make the remaining components available under a suitable Open Source license at some point in the future.

OpenMedia at LCA 2010 in Wellington 

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Once again OpenMedia will be attending Linux.conf.au. This year both Steven and Cherie will be attending the event in Wellington.

Steven is presenting as part of the Sys Admin Miniconf on Tuesday 19th January, plus they will be demoing a preview of myPVR v3 at the Open Day on Saturday the 23rd.

If you are in Wellington this year for LCA try and catch them for a coffee or a beer over the conference week.

OpenMedia at the 3rd Auckland Barcamp 

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Steven from OpenMedia will be at this weekend’s (11 July) Barcamp in Auckland.  This event is again being held at Botany Downs Secondary College from 9am – 5:30 pm.

This is the third Auckland Barcamp, and the two previous events were excellent. Yet again the event has proved to be hugely popular and registrations have already closed.

If you happen to be attending Steven will be presenting a session on installing MythTV from scratch, and will be available to answer questions on media and Open Source related topics throughout the day.

LCA 2009 Hobart Tasmania 

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LCA 2009 logo
Steven from OpenMedia will attending Linux.Conf.AU, which this year is being held in Hobart from 19th – 24th January. He will be speaking at the MythTV and System Administrators Miniconfs that lead up to the main conference program.

NVidia Announce HW Accelerated H.264 for Linux 

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NVidia have just announced an updated driver, and a new API (VDPAU), that allows for hardware accelerated decode of H.264 and VC1 under Linux and Unix. For more details catch the article at mythtv.co.nz.