End of month review

It’s the end of July, and has it been a busy month!

The Call for Presentations produced some amazing papers. Even after extending the cutoff date (for those of you who were too busy to get something in on time) we still had submissions trickling in past the final cutoff date.

You are an amazing bunch indeed.

Our teams have also been busy with our fortnightly working meetings proving very productive. Getting everyone into a room together with no option but to get on with their work is so much better than staring at each other on our monitors with everyone trying to get their piece heard. It’s wonderful to know that there are so many people who care about our community and this conference that they are prepared to give up this much time to ensure its success. Every year the conference organiser gets on stage and says that the event wouldn’t happen without their team and I understand exactly what they mean!


Linux Australia is currently doing a call-out asking for expressions of interest in hosting LCA 2017. If you have been thinking about it at all then I say go for it! It’s a lot of work, but so very rewarding to see good people wanting to do good things for the community. There isn’t much time left to prepare and submit your expression of interest, so think quickly. When we were bidding for this conference it was initially against as many as four other teams. We had to decide that we really wanted it and that we would do everything we could to ensure that we succeeded. (A note for future reference – I don’t like losing!)