Another busy month for the LCA2015 team

It’s been noses to the grindstone again, this time to get registrations for the conference up and running.

It did, it worked and it’s happening – over 20% of our allocated Earlybird tickets sold in under 2 days! These delegates are super keen, I tell you!

Somewhere in that, we also managed a week’s family holiday in Taupo. Such a beautiful spot! We could see Ruapehu and Tongariro from where we were staying, and the view changed each day.

We’re back into it now, sorting out the rats and mice for the website. It’s amazing when you think that you have everything covered then someone asks a question that makes you go “we should have thought of that one!” It keeps us on our toes.

We were told, months ago, that we need 3 things to have a conference: Venue, Presentations, Delegates. Going by that equation – we now have a conference!!