Girl Geek Dinners

Girl Geek Dinner NZNZ Girl Geek Dinners are based on the London Girl Geek Dinners, and provide a welcome atmosphere and informal event to make technology accessible to groups of all ages, particularly women.

28th May 2008

OpenMedia was asked to demonstrate myPVR at tonight’s dinner. Cherie presented the 30minute demonstration with Steve present to answer some of the more technical questions. It was a great opportunity to show this technology in action and very rewarding to see that the audience were interested in the product and the technology.

It was also good to see Tamara Olliver there – she was presenting a talk about the Open Source Dance Pad that she and her sister had made the year before. A full version of that talk was presented by Tamara and Kate at Mel8ourne.

Keeping up the standards from the last dinner; the food was excellent and the conversation interesting and informative. In short – a very enjoyable evening!

27th March 2008

Cherie was delighted to present a lightning talk at the Auckland Girl Geek Dinner in March 2008. The title of the talk was “Running a Business and creating a product with an Open Source ethic”. The main points being information about herself and OpenMedia, about Open Source itself, about myPVR’s creation and life, and about her involvement in the Open Source community. The talk went well, and with a number of other speakers that night, it was a very worthwhile event. Not just as a speaker, but as an attendee.