TuzSteven from OpenMedia spoke at two of the MiniConf’s during the 2009 LCA in Hobart Australia.

Monday 19th Jan – MythTV MiniConf

Tuesday 20th Jan – SysAdmin MiniConf

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OpenMedia had the dual honors of being a speaker in the main conference program, as well as opening the SysAdmin MiniConf on the Tuesday. We also contributed a number of Lightning Talks within the Mini Conf program, where anyone could put together a short presentation on a suitable topic, as well as Anthony’s very entertaining main conference lightning talks which were part of the conference closing session.

OpenMedia also had a chance to participate the the OpenDay, taking along one of their myPVR units.

Monday 29th January – Multimedia Mini Conf

Tuesday 29th January – SysAdmin MiniConf

Wednesday 30th January – main conference program

Friday 1st February

  • MythTV BOF
  • Lightning Talk – Closing Session

Saturday 2nd February