freeview website launched

We finally get to see some official information on the pending freeview launch on May 2nd thanks to the arrival of the official website. As well as service details it includes information on the separate terrestrial launch in 2008. Until then there will be a DTH (satellite) service that will cover the whole of New Zealand.

We advise any customers with Sky TV who are interested in freeview to take a look at the “Dual installations of freeview and Sky from one dish” in their troubleshooting section. Until Sky TV complete their transition to horizontal polarity on the Optus D1Satellite there is a technical conflict if Sky and freeview tuners share a common satellite dish.

For all of the information on myPVR‘s support for freeview see our new new info page, or contact OpenMedia for more details on how myPVR provides a full feature freeview compatible PVR. Why get a basic freeview STB when you could have the power of a myPVR.