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Three articles on freeview from this weekend’s Herald are available on their website

It would appear that the switch to wide-screen by TV3 and C4 has provoked a negative reaction from a number of consumers. Time will tell if NZ is really ready for 16:9 TV.

We also expect the initial use of the DTH (satellite) service exceed the 30,000 predicted by the Herald. Even in the larger cities there are a lot of people who won’t be able to get the DTT (terrestrial) service. The recent advertising blitz by Sky TV to get people with old unused dishes to reconnect is also a good sign.

A lot of consumers will be holding out for the arrival of TVs with integrated digital tuners. Word of warning – make sure that that will support the NZ terrestrial service as existing units designed for the UK and Australia might not work here.

Also OpenMedia would like to clarify that we don’t provide EPG data. We have been working on supporting the EPG data streams that are part of the freeview platform. As well as supporting the official freeview MHEG-5 based EPG, we provide our own integrated EPG software that allows consumers to record from a Sky Box, directly off freeview in digital quality, and off their old VHF/UHF aerial. No need to worry about selecting the correct input as myPVR does it all automatically. Lastly unlike the new official freeview STBs, myPVR provides a digital video connection for newer screens.