Major changes ahead for TV in NZ

TVNZ 6Today it all really begins with the launch of TVNZ6, and by this time next year TV in NZ will have changed dramatically. First of all we want to congratulate TVNZ on the launch of their new freeview channel.

StratosTomorrow sees the start of Stratos on freeview, with the official launch on the 3rd of October. It is excellent to see one of our best regional broadcasters appear on freeview.

Parliament TVNext up on the 9th of October is Parliament TV, making 3 new channels in under 2 weeks. We are very pleased to say that all of these are available to myPVR customers who have purchased the freeview support.

Also some big news came earlier this week when TVNZ announced that they would be showing the 2008 Olympics in HD on terrestrial freeview. Hopefully we will hear something from TV3 on their HD plans in the near future.