Thank you Linux World

Linux World SpeakerA big thank you to Don Marti and the team from IDG for the opportunity to speak at Linux World San Francisco this year. It was very interesting to compare such a corporate and business focused event with the more community focused events I’ve attended in the past. I did feel that the overlap with the Next Generation Data Center event didn’t always work out well as I’d liked to have seen more Linux and Open Source centric keynotes.

Slides from my talk on Trac should be available via the conference website, and I’ll look at hosting a copy on our own website soon.

A second thank you to everyone who attended the MythTV and Video BoF at Linux World. I hope you all got something out of the session, and it was great to have representatives from VLC and Neuros present. The impending analogue broadcast switch off for the US in Febuary 2009, as well as the state of the US cable market and access issues for MythTV users were hot topics for discussion.

Last my thanks to my fellow speakers for providing me with such interesting sessions to attend. The variety of tracks across the confrence program did cause occasional scheduling nightmares. The hardest of which to resolve were sessions that clashed with my own talk, including Kyle Rankin’s session System Rescue with Knoppix. Once again Stormy Peters gave an excellent talk on Open Source Governance, though sadly the initial reports in the press mis-interpreted a lot of her intent. We wish Stormy all the very best with her new role as executive director of the GNOME Foundation.