Production of myPVR discontinued 

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As of 2012 we have decided to discontinue both production and ongoing development of myPVR. This has been a very hard decision to make given the time and resources we’ve invested in myPVR over the last 6 years, and we’d like to thank all of our customers for their support over this time. We’d also like to thank members of the MythTV community, both locally and internationally, as without their assistance we’d never have produced such a capable product.

A large amount of the IP associated with myPVR has already been incorporated into the upstream MythTV project or in the MythBuntu distribution. We are looking at a way to make the remaining components available under a suitable Open Source license at some point in the future.

OpenMedia at LCA 2010 in Wellington 

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Once again OpenMedia will be attending This year both Steven and Cherie will be attending the event in Wellington.

Steven is presenting as part of the Sys Admin Miniconf on Tuesday 19th January, plus they will be demoing a preview of myPVR v3 at the Open Day on Saturday the 23rd.

If you are in Wellington this year for LCA try and catch them for a coffee or a beer over the conference week.

OpenMedia at the 3rd Auckland Barcamp 

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Steven from OpenMedia will be at this weekend’s (11 July) Barcamp in Auckland.  This event is again being held at Botany Downs Secondary College from 9am – 5:30 pm.

This is the third Auckland Barcamp, and the two previous events were excellent. Yet again the event has proved to be hugely popular and registrations have already closed.

If you happen to be attending Steven will be presenting a session on installing MythTV from scratch, and will be available to answer questions on media and Open Source related topics throughout the day.

LCA 2009 Hobart Tasmania 

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LCA 2009 logo
Steven from OpenMedia will attending Linux.Conf.AU, which this year is being held in Hobart from 19th – 24th January. He will be speaking at the MythTV and System Administrators Miniconfs that lead up to the main conference program.

OSDC 2008 is just two weeks away 

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OSDC 2008: Sydney
OpenMedia is very pleased to announce that Steven has been asked to speak at this years Open Source Developers Conference, being held in Sydney from 2-5th December. The program is now available for review, and confirmed keynote speakers include

  • Anthony Baxter
  •  Chris DiBona
  •  Andrew Tridgell
  •  Larry Wall
  •  Pia Waugh

Thank you Linux World 

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Linux World SpeakerA big thank you to Don Marti and the team from IDG for the opportunity to speak at Linux World San Francisco this year. It was very interesting to compare such a corporate and business focused event with the more community focused events I’ve attended in the past. I did feel that the overlap with the Next Generation Data Center event didn’t always work out well as I’d liked to have seen more Linux and Open Source centric keynotes.

Slides from my talk on Trac should be available via the conference website, and I’ll look at hosting a copy on our own website soon.

A second thank you to everyone who attended the MythTV and Video BoF at Linux World. I hope you all got something out of the session, and it was great to have representatives from VLC and Neuros present. The impending analogue broadcast switch off for the US in Febuary 2009, as well as the state of the US cable market and access issues for MythTV users were hot topics for discussion.

Last my thanks to my fellow speakers for providing me with such interesting sessions to attend. The variety of tracks across the confrence program did cause occasional scheduling nightmares. The hardest of which to resolve were sessions that clashed with my own talk, including Kyle Rankin’s session System Rescue with Knoppix. Once again Stormy Peters gave an excellent talk on Open Source Governance, though sadly the initial reports in the press mis-interpreted a lot of her intent. We wish Stormy all the very best with her new role as executive director of the GNOME Foundation.

A great week at OSCON 

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OSCON 2008 It has been a great week here at OSCON in Portland, and I want to thank O’Reilly for allowing me the opportunity to speak this year. The session on Trac was well attended and I had some great contributions from the audience. The presentation materials will be available from the OSCON website in the next couple of days.

The BoF session on MythTV and Video on Linux was also well attended, and I really enjoyed getting the chance to hear the US perspective and chat with some fellow MythTV users. The US analogue switch off is in February 2009, well ahead of most other countries, which will dramatically change the US TV market.

Of the various sessions I’d like to make special mention on the opening keynotes by Robert “r0ml” Lefkowitz and Damian Conway, it is always inspiring to see speakers of this quality. The Why Whinging Doesn’t Work keynote from Danese Cooper also hit quite an interesting note. Lastly I really enjoyed the chance to see Stormy Peters speak again. Her keynote at this years LCA in Melbourne was excellent, and at OSCON she provided and update on the Open Source Census being run by OpenLogic.

Once again this has been an excellent technical conference, and it will be quite interesting to contrast the OSCON audience with the Linux World attendees when I speak there in just over a week.

OpenMedia to present at Linux World and OSCON 

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Steven from OpenMedia has been invited to speak about the Trac project management tool at both O’Reilly OSCON and Linux World San Francisco. These talks will be an updated version of the presentation given to the Open Source Developers Conference in Brisbane last year.

OpenMedia have also managed to get BoF (Birds of a Feather) sessions at both conferences to discuss MythTV and other Linux video and media projects. If you are interested in attending or presenting at these BoF sessions then keep an eye on the website for more details.

New Look OpenMedia Website 

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Welcome to our new look OpenMedia Website, and we hope you find the layout easy to follow. We now have information on OpenMedia’s consulting services in key areas of -

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • IPTV
  • Video On Demand
  • Linux
  • Open Source Solutions
  • Governance

The site will continue to have our usual news and updates on the state of Digital TV as well as product updates on our myPVR range. You will also find details on some of the local and international events where OpenMedia has had the privilege of presenting.

Platform Wars? 

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Sky TVFreeview

There has been a lot of reporting in the New Zealand press over the last week over calls by a number of our local broadcasters for additional controls on Sky TV, including some calls for the break up of Sky TV.

Most of this media interest has been driven by the recent submissions to the review of Digital Broadcasting Regulation, and in particular the submissions from local broadcasters TVNZ and MediaWorks. A great many of the articles and submissions make interesting reading, but still don’t adequately cover the different positions in the market held by Sky TV, freeview, TVNZ and MediaWorks.

Sky is in a unique position as both a broadcaster and a platform. They have their own platform transmitting subscription digital television from Optus D1 on behalf of other broadcasters, as well as being a broadcaster in their own right, with the rights to a great deal of content.

TVNZ and MediaWorks are broadcasters who currently utilise three platforms

  • Analogue UHF and VHF
  • Sky TV’s digital pay platform
  • freeview’s digital FTA platform

On the other hand freeview exists purely as a platform for FTA (free to air) content, and are not a broadcaster or content owner.

In many respects Sky is a competitor to both the broadcasters and freeview. They compete with other broadcasters for advertising revenue, and also provide a platform for delivery. This gives them incredible power in the market, and is one of the drivers for the creation of freeview. In the digital market NZ needs a viable platform for free to air content delivery. All of this discussion has prompted the following response from freeview -

It is our position that for a vibrant and dynamic market we need competition between in both sectors. We need a diverse range of broadcasters and platforms, otherwise Sky’s power will continue to grow to the detriment of the New Zealand consumer. Care should be taken to not ignore the two additional and rapidly growing delivery platforms

  • Mobile phones/devices
  • Internet

Due to Sky’s currently position as our dominant pay tv platform and digital platform we do need to take some steps encourage the growth of freeview, and promote FTA television. Whilst placing some controls on Sky’s access to selected sports events has been discussed, rules around NZ On Air funding might be another avenue.

OpenMedia proposes that NZ On Air funding should be restricted to free to air broadcasters that make their content available on both analogue (UHF/VHF) and digital (freeview) platforms. This would immediately exclude Prime from NZ On Air funding, as well as block Sky’s recent requests to NZ On Air to fund local programs for their children’s pay tv services.

A second proposal is that any sports that are provided with considerable government funding, for example via Sparc, should also have a provision for availability to FTA TV broadcasters that are available on both analogue and digital platforms.

The combined affect of these proposals might see Prime joining freeview as then Sky’s channel would qualify on both levels.

Our wish is for there to be an increased level of content on the freeview platform, and a growing diverse range of FTA programming that is available to all New Zealanders, plus a appropriate reduction of Sky’s stranglehold on sports content.