TVNZ Sport Extra launches on freeview 

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TVNZ Sport ExtraThe former freeview V8 channel has now been renamed TVNZ Sport Extra, bringing additional sports content to freeview digital on top of the existing V8 coverage. Initially this will include the Junior All Whites competing in the FIFA Under-20 World Cup.

For some more details take a look at

Existing myPVR customers with freeview can already get this channel as shown below, with full schedule details in our EPG.

Only freeview channels Channel 20
Dual Sky TV and freeview Channel 1903

Live V8 coverage on freeview 

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Once again this weekend you can watch live V8 coverage exclusively on freeview. Full details of the coverage are available via both the freeview MHEG-5 EPG and the myPVR standard EPG as shown below.

OpenMedia’s myPVR customers who have our freeview upgrade can find this coverage as follows

Only freeview channels Channel 20
Dual Sky TV and freeview Channel 1903

More freeview articles in today’s Weekend Herald 

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Weekend Herald
NZ Herald

Three articles on freeview from this weekend’s Herald are available on their website

It would appear that the switch to wide-screen by TV3 and C4 has provoked a negative reaction from a number of consumers. Time will tell if NZ is really ready for 16:9 TV.

We also expect the initial use of the DTH (satellite) service exceed the 30,000 predicted by the Herald. Even in the larger cities there are a lot of people who won’t be able to get the DTT (terrestrial) service. The recent advertising blitz by Sky TV to get people with old unused dishes to reconnect is also a good sign.

A lot of consumers will be holding out for the arrival of TVs with integrated digital tuners. Word of warning – make sure that that will support the NZ terrestrial service as existing units designed for the UK and Australia might not work here.

Also OpenMedia would like to clarify that we don’t provide EPG data. We have been working on supporting the EPG data streams that are part of the freeview platform. As well as supporting the official freeview MHEG-5 based EPG, we provide our own integrated EPG software that allows consumers to record from a Sky Box, directly off freeview in digital quality, and off their old VHF/UHF aerial. No need to worry about selecting the correct input as myPVR does it all automatically. Lastly unlike the new official freeview STBs, myPVR provides a digital video connection for newer screens.

TV 3 and C4 arrive early on freeview 

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TV 3 LogoC4 Logo

Its a week before the official launch and we are very pleased to announce that TV 3 and C4 have just started transmitting on the second freeview satellite transponder of 12456 H. As well as a reasonably high bit rate 16:9 picture they are using a higher audio bit rate of 256K compared with 192K for TV One and TV 2.

There still appear to be some minor technical issues with the TV3 and C4 wide-screen transmissions, in particular if you are watching the picture on a 4:3 screen that will hopefully be resolved prior to the official launch.Radio NZ

This update has also heralded the arrival of the Radio New Zealand National and Concert services on the freeview transponders. Unlike the previous Sky TV transmissions they are now using a full 48KHz audio stream which sounds considerably better.

freeview website launched 

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We finally get to see some official information on the pending freeview launch on May 2nd thanks to the arrival of the official website. As well as service details it includes information on the separate terrestrial launch in 2008. Until then there will be a DTH (satellite) service that will cover the whole of New Zealand.

We advise any customers with Sky TV who are interested in freeview to take a look at the “Dual installations of freeview and Sky from one dish” in their troubleshooting section. Until Sky TV complete their transition to horizontal polarity on the Optus D1Satellite there is a technical conflict if Sky and freeview tuners share a common satellite dish.

For all of the information on myPVR‘s support for freeview see our new new info page, or contact OpenMedia for more details on how myPVR provides a full feature freeview compatible PVR. Why get a basic freeview STB when you could have the power of a myPVR.

Finally some news from CanWest, plus Optus D1 technical issues 

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CanWest have been awfully quiet until now about their plans, but they finally talked to the NZ Herald today. Also stuff covers some of the technical issues they are having with Optus D1. Just hope this doesn’t delay the Digital TV launch

More on Optus D1 and the new TVNZ digital channels 

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There are some updated reports in the press on the additional TVNZ channels, along with news that parts of the new Optus D1 satellite have been configured incorrectly for New Zealand which may impact services.

We will be following this closely as we fully test support for these new satellite channels with myPVR.

Two new digital channels for TVNZ 

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TVNZ has announced plans for two digital free-to-air channels starting from next year. Chief executive Rick Ellis today told reporters the first channel, which would feature news, sport and information content, would debut next year. The second station featuring programming for preschoolers, families, documentaries and art shows, would debut in the first quarter of 2008. Both will be commercial free. About 70 per cent of their content would be re-runs from TV One and TV2. Broadcasting Minister Steve Maharey said the Government would pay $79 million over six years to support the establishment of the new channels.

Optus D1 launched successfully by Arianespace 

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At around 10am the Ariane 5 launch took place and around 20 minutes later the Optus D1 satellite was successfully deployed. For more details take a look at their mission update. The Optus D1 platform will shortly be replacing the ageing Optus B1 that is currently used by SkyTV. It will also provide the platform for the satellite version of the soon to be launched New Zealand Digital TV platform. Once Optus have confirmed that the satellite is operating correctly we will hopefully start to hear announcements from TVNZ and Canwest on their plans and schedule for new services.

Arianespace have now put out a press release with details of the launch.

Delays to the launch of Optus D1 

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The replacement for the existing Optus B1 satellite has been delayed yet again. Depending on the various media reports this delay is either until the end of September or some point in November.

This doesn’t bode well for those of us who are testing the new FreeView digital platform as they are unlikely to start testing any additional channels until Optus D1 is available. It also isn’t good news for SkyTV as Optus B1 becomes a bigger risk to their business as each day passes.